Can't mount my Time Machine backup volume on WD NAS drive

Time Machine gives me a way to Browse Other Time Machine Disks, a feature that would make it possible for me to use my MacBook to retrieve material backed up by my iMac -- handy in case the iMac went belly-up. But when I try to use the feature, TM on the MacBook tells me that there are no other TM volumes visible. People here tell me that I have to mount the volume first. When I click Go/Connect to Server/Browse, I can SEE the TM volume; it's called <mydisk>-backup. But when I double click on it, I get an immediate Connection Failure window. Clicking on Connect As doesn't do anything. 
My TM volume is on a WD NAS volume, connected to my network by ethernet.
Thanks in advance for any help you can suggest,


Try to have both, the MBL and your Mac, wired to he same router or switch.  You may also try resetting the MBL by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.

I found this info

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