Can't modify backup jobs?

I have an EX2100 on firmware 2.30.165. I ran out of space on my NAS to USB backup drive, so I copied over the files to a new 8TB My Book and then plugged the new drive into the EX2100. I now need to tell the EX2100 to use the new drive for backups. So, I click on the “modify job” button but clicking on any of the cells does nothing. I tried various browsers, but no response. Any ideas or is the “modify job” function no a real option?

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Hi Stealth57 ,

Well the firmware is already up-to date. Did you try to reset the drive and reboot the router?

Yes, did both and no change. The cursor changes from a pointer to a finger when you hover over the cells, but when you click, nothing happens.

Opened a WD case but haven’t been contacted. Also, now new jobs won’t run, but that is a separate issue and will be in a new post.

Hi, did you ever get any feedback from WD regarding your case? It still is not possible to modify basic settings of a backup job such as add or deselect folders to be backed up and change the destination.

No, but I did get it working. Don’t know if that was using a new firmware upgrade or something else. Too long ago.

Ok. Thank you!