Can't map My Book World (White Light) in Win 10

Hello. You all have helped me before, but this is a new problem.

I’ve built a new PC and installed Win 10 (oh, joy!) on it. I have a My Book World drive that appears to be working correctly. WD Discovery found it and I verified that the configuration is still set and correct. I use a static IP address. However, when I try to use Discovery to map the drive, I get a message “”\mybookworld" The network path was not found". I carefully followed the guide I found on this site and the device shows up in Windows File Explorer under “Storage” when I select “Network” in the left pane. But when I try to map the device by IP, Windows gives me the same type of message, “Windows cannot access \”. Obviously, I can ping the device.

I’d sure like to have access to my files back. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

If it’s the same drive as I have, I think your Windows 10 computer will not access it. Do you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machine you can use to get your files? (or Linux running SAMBA)

I commented on another thread, but will repeat it here. Windows 10 versions after 2017 (aka 1709) will NOT access this legacy device. I’m hoping someone will provide a newer firmware to fix the SMB (Server Message Blocks) problem.