Can't map My Book World (White Light) in Win 10


Hello. You all have helped me before, but this is a new problem.

I’ve built a new PC and installed Win 10 (oh, joy!) on it. I have a My Book World drive that appears to be working correctly. WD Discovery found it and I verified that the configuration is still set and correct. I use a static IP address. However, when I try to use Discovery to map the drive, I get a message “”\mybookworld" The network path was not found". I carefully followed the guide I found on this site and the device shows up in Windows File Explorer under “Storage” when I select “Network” in the left pane. But when I try to map the device by IP, Windows gives me the same type of message, “Windows cannot access \”. Obviously, I can ping the device.

I’d sure like to have access to my files back. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!