Can't map drive


I have two WD Mybook World Edition II units on my network. Up until a few hours ago I could access them both from my Windows XP system, but suddenly they were not available and I couldn’t access the files on them.

The “WD Discovery” tool can see them in the list of “network drives found”, but when I click “map network drive”, I get the error message ’ [\MyNAS](file://%5C%5CMyNAS) The network path was not found". I can access the drives from other computers on my network (and the web/config tool works fine).

What could be the problem - is it a windows networking problem? Any ideas on how tio fix it?



on the PC that doesn’t see the drive, believe the WDMB needs to me mapped again.

1. Make note of the existing mapping - ex. Public = X and Download = Y drive letters

  1. Using the WD utility, click on Config and choose different drive letters - ex. Public = T and Download = U drive letters

  2. Click the “Back” button, then go into Config again and choose previously noted drive letters - ex. Public = X and Download = Y drive letters

You may have to use the external reset button prior, perhaps a couple of times.  This is what I’ve done to resolve the first issue - can no longer access the drive. 

Once I got access re-established, I’m now copying the files to another drive for backup (can use WDMB drive’s USB or copy to any drive of computer on the network.

Next step is to do a hard reset using the WD utility which wipes the drive also.  It’s now 5am and this is as much as I was able to figure out on my own.  

Bigger question, why is this happening?!  A lot of BS with this product for a non-tech guy who just wants his CD collection, pictures on a network drive. Hope above helps, didn’t take notes as I went along and just found this forum.

Thanks for your response. I eventually found out that there was a networking problem with my PC - I don’t know why. The problem appeared to be that a windows service called “Workstation” was not running - and I couldn’t start it. I ran a utility from a command prompt (sfc /scannow) - it took a long time, but after that I could start the “Workstation” service and then the WD Discovery tool was able to function again.