Can't map drive in Vista 32bit

My Uncle has setup a 1.5tb hard drive through his router that connects up to 3 laptops and the PS3

The two laptops that run win 7 connect to it fine through map a network drive and the PS3 connects to it as well

His son’s laptop runs vista and can’t connect it as a drive letter.

Under my networks it picks it up and you can run the drive through media player as well as the web interface but doesn’t show the drive as a PC (how it does ont he win7 laptops)

Using the WD software when clicking on network drive nothing happens.  Downloaded lastest version of software form web and clicked network drive it came up with unable to find network.

So I am able to get onto the web interface of the drive as well as ping the ip address of it

I turned the firewall off but that didn’t do anything

If anyone could help me out that would be great

Just thought I would also add that the WD software picks the drives up on it’s software and you can get into the config through web interface.

I have exactly the same problem… but with Windows 7 64bit :confused:

I managed to get it installed on my two laptops which are running 32bit versions of Win 7 Pro and Vista Home Premium.

Iv created a new thread today…see if i get any replies!


I had the same problem with 3 different Vista 32 bit systems.  My Laptop with Win 7 has no issue.

I decided it was the WD Discovery problem because I upgraded to 1.80 from 1.6x and it works now.   Try the latest version.