Can't map drive Error HRESULT: 0x800704CF


Had to re-install my notebook, while re-installing WD software to connect the drive to Win 7 I’m getting HRESULT: 0x800704CF error. I can connect to web page but cannot map the drive.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


Do you encounter the same results if you attempt to manually map your network drive as opposed to using the connector software? Please follow this link for instructions:

Greetings JStaff,

See my 2 replies

NOTE : My WD repIies to IP Pings

Tried your methods,

Mapping a Drive through Computer’s Menu

WD drive doesn’t show in the list of available drive.

See pic 1

Mapping a Drive through the Drive Name or IP Address

Enter IP address of drive Win 7 respond that it can’t reach

Diagnostics didn’t find anything

In Win Explorer under Network (see pic 2) I can see the drive but nothing happens if I double click on it or try commands when I right click on it.

Its definately a network issue with this notebook. I have other PC’s @ home and I have no issues. This notebook used to access the WD drive but I had to re-install my NIC card driver. This is when the issues started. BTW I’m accessing the web and replying to you with this problematic notebook.

I welcome any other suggestions

Thank you for your help





Based on the second picture, the DLNA Media Server of your WD My Book Live is being detected, which would highlight a direct networking issue with the host computer system. Do you encounter the same results by temporarily disabling the system’s Firewall utility?