Can't map a network drive to WD - can see it in network locations?

I bought a WD My Cloud drive back in August. I set it up on my computer and started using it. I made a couple of shares, mapped to them as a network drive and all was great. Over the weekend I created a share for my son, mapped to it as a network drive and did a file history back to his computer all was great. Today I tried to do the same thing with my daughters computer and could not map a network drive to a share. I went to my computer and now I am seeing the same thing.

When I go to “This PC” under network locations, I see total 5 network locations - 3 of the shares that I set up on the drive and two mapped drives to this device. I can open those networks locations and create files. They seem to work fine. When I go up to “map network drive” and click “browse” to find a network folder to map to. All I see on the network there is my own PC. I don’t see any drive to map to.

I hope this makes sense. Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: Still would like some help, but this is interesting to add. If I try to map a network drive and browse for the folder, it does not see those folders on the drive. I know the name of the folder and I just typed what I knew the share name to be “\WDMYCLOUD\Jessica”. It connects as a mapped drive and seems to work perfectly. I can create files on that drive. Not sure why I can’t see it while browsing.

What is the operating system of the computer your having trouble mapping the drive on?

If it is Windows 10, see the following thread which is the first tacked thread of the subforum. Currently Windows 10 (with the November update) has problems properly displaying the My Cloud in Windows File Explorer.

Window 8 - Sorry - should have mentioned that.