Can't make Playlist on new WD TV Live Hub

Hi there

Is there anyone who can tell how to make an video playlist, its not visible anywhere in the menu.

Contacted WDC support, they told to hardreset hub and test again, but without any result.

Hub has the last firmware 2.08.13.

Maybe one on this forum can better help me with this issue

You can’t create playlists ON the hub itself.  That’s not a bug.

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In addition to not being able to create a playlist on this device, I also cannot find any way to shuffle / randomise files. eg: a folder of 200 video files I want to play randomly like I can do on Windows Media Player, VLC, almost any brand DVD player or BluRay player, almost any player - except the WD player…

Is this planned for a near-future firmware update please?

You can essentially make a playlist, I do it all the time for music videos

on the file click the options button

Go down to “Add to queue”

Do this for all your files

Then from the home screen, press the blue button, this will bring up the bottom option bar, where you can select favorites and such.

Selected “Queue” and this is essentially the playlist, it’s not perfect but it works

I have not found a way to randomize what plays

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To make a playlist you have to do it from your PC using something like Playlist Creator (make sure you set path as Relative).

To shuffle, when play your music, press “Options” on your remote, scroll to “Play Mode” , then press the “OK” button until you see the shuffle icon music_playback_playing_shuffle_n.png

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