Cant make Backup without Windows Firewall Turned off

I’m running Vista with MBL.  I can map to the drive.  My MACs can do a TimeMachine backup to the drive.  Smartware won’t backup to MBL without me turning off Windows Firewall.  I’ve tried to create exceptions in the Windows Firewall for WD Quick View, WD Smareware,  WDDMService, WDDMstatus, WDFME, and WD RulesEngine.  No luck.  I’m connected wirelessly but so are MACs that work so dont’ think it is a router issue.


is not a drive issue either since the other computer’s are backing up just fine…

did you try the Vista Forums

I had not tried the Vista forums and can look there also.  I thought this forum would provide better chance of resolution as it is a Vista to MBL issue.    Hoping someone has experience with creating exceptions in the firewall to allow SmartWare to work.