Can't make a network share to my WD TV Live Hub

Hello fellow WD Live Hub users,

I have a problem that I can’t manage to solve at this moment. Since the last Firmware update the IP address of the hub has changed and I cant connect to the device anymore with a networkshare. I can connect however with Twonkey media or the web interface of the device (with the new given IP address).

It is recognised on my network, but when I want to make a share to it (even with the WD Discovery software) it says it doesn’t excist. I have been trying all night yesterday but no luck to make it work again.

The device does not show up when I use the net view command either. I am using a wireless connection, and it is connected with full range connectivity.

Things I tried:

Turn off my PC, WD Hub, Router and turn it on one by one.

Changed the Workgroup for both the Hub and my PC to a different one.

If you guys have any idea how to fix this, please let me know.

 Try this, worked for me.