Can't login to web interface for the My Book World Edition (white light) (wd10000h1nc-00)

I have connected the drive to my network. Drivers were installed and I have and icon for "WD My Book World Edition (Public)"in Computer(win7), and in Network I have two accessible icons for the device. When I browse to the web interface I am presented with a login screen. I don’t have the user and password. This was bought by one of our project managers in a field office. He has since moved to the home office and we would like to use it here. I can access the public folder. I can add and delete. Do I need the user and password if I can do this? I read yesterday about resetting it. I did and it is available. Will I get locked out at some point without the user and pass for the web interface?

user : admin / password : admin

you can reset back to default by pressing the reset for 4 seconds

this will not delete any data

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I had read what to do elsewhere but the default password provided there was wrong. Thanks for the help.