Can't Login to Dashboard

Whilst trying to install MySQL Server, I think I killed the Dashboard webpage.

To install MySQL, I enabled ssh, and am now able to access MBL via both winscp and PuTTY, but can no longer access the MBL via the usual ‘ipaddress/UI/login’  or ‘ipaddress/UI/ssh’. Whilst a ‘UI’ directory is still there, there is no Login or ssh scripts within.

  1. Does anyone know where the web pages are stored?

  2. Is it possible to reload them?

  3. Would a MBL reset re-enable them?


I think it would be better if you contact support directly on this one.

Yeh - well, I’ve now e-mailed them, because since posting, I reset the MBL which didn’t restore UI/login or UI/ssh as I was led to believe! So now I can’t even ssh into MBL! All I’ve got access to now is the public directory!

That will teach me to be patient- ho hum.


Update: I followed NFODIZ Debrick Guide Version 1 and all is now right with the world.