Can't login to cloud partitions on My Book Essential 3TB

I’ve got a 3TB My Book Essential that I can see on my network as My Book but the cloud partitions I set up and normally access as mapped drives are no longer accessible. When I go thru diagnostics it seems to find the cloud server but can’t access the shares under it. When I go to Smartware, in the Backup targets, I see My Book and WD My Cloud and under that a dropdown with the shares. If I click on it to login I get a dialog box for User Name and Password. The ones I’ve recorded don’t work nor any likely alternates.

I’ve long since forgotten how I set up the cloud partitions. I thought it was in Smartware but I can’t find anything. I was hoping that whatever created them would have another way to access the data. I was able to access it until a month or so ago from my desktop, a WiFi connected laptop and even remotely. I’d like to know why it went offline but more importantly I need to get it reconnected long enough to copy the data. Thank you for any ideas.