Can't login on desktop app. (Swisscom problem)

When I start the myCloud desktop app on Windows 10, it welcomes me and says, Login Now, which seems like a great idea. The next screen than offers the opportunity to log in directly with something called Swisscom Login. So, I select “Let’s go”. and go to a login screen. No matter what I try works here. I enter the same email I use with and the same password. No go. If I select forgotten username, it ask for an email and then sends me an email saying there is no of my existence. (Hard on the ego.) At no time does it offer a way to create an account. If I can’t log into Swiss, apparently I can’t use the Desktop app. Do I detect a null loop here?

Hi @jimbarclay,

Please refer to the below article Remote Access - Device Offline or Cannot Connect to My Cloud:
Remote Access - Device Offline or Cannot Connect to My Cloud

I do not understand this response. I can access my My Cloud Home using file explorer. I can’t use the My Cloud desktop app because it wants me to log onto something called Swisscom, and I don’t have an account for that. When I try it says I’m using the wrong user name or password, which makes sense because I don’t have an account, but it does not offer me a way to register for an account.

That should have given you a hint that you have the wrong app. Swisscom has an app called myCloud Desktop which has nothing to do with WDC’s MCH. You have to get the right app from reading the manual or a search of this forum and not from (wrong location).

The desktop app for your My Cloud Home (MCH) is called WD Discovery. Don’t confuse other My Cloud with this particular version for the ‘Home’.
Download and Install WD Discovery Full Version
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This is what happened when you tried to download from the wrong site, don’t do this: