Cant login ; Login time-out dashboard because capacity calculations

I’m using a My Cloud EX2 Ultra with 2 pcs 4T disks.
I access the NAS dashboard over my LAN, using the IP-address of my NAS.
First the login-menu is displayed.
I enter username + password and then the dashboard-menu is displayed
but the controlpanel menu -although displayed- can’t yet be used,
because the Capacity-window is still empty.
So the NAS calculates the storage data/statistics
and when that calculation is completed,
the storage data is displaye in a pie chart in the Capacity-window,
This worked fine when my NAS was new and still almost empty.
The calculations for the storage data was done in a few seconds,
and the dashboard was ready for my commands.

But now the NAS is beeing used more often and contains more data (my NAS now is about 90% full).
Calculation of the storage data now requires about 6 minutes
and so when the capacity-window is completed…
the NAS tells me… “Login timed out. Please login again”
and returns to the Login-menu.

So how can I now use the dashboard control panel ?
Can I increase the login time-out time ?
Alternatives to reach the control panel ?

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