Can't login into Windows Network Shares with the new WDLiveTV

Just bought the new WDLiveTV and I can’t login to my Windows Network Shares.

It should work, the login and password are correct.  I can get remote desktop to login from another machine.

Any ideas or else I’m going to return this thing in a few days.

I’ve had continuing problems with Network Shares both on Windows XP and 7.

I finally managed to get up and running by using Media Servers instead & going via that route. 

I downloaded and installed PS3 Media server (it’s free) from here :-

Don’t be put off by the name - it lets you stream content from your PC to the WD Live box.

I’ve had no problems since. Good luck.

Is the quality the same?

The quality is exactly the same. It’s just another method of streaming/connecting the PC to the WDTV Live box. Try it - It costs nothing and there’s no Windows networks stuff to try and get thru’ with usernames & passwords that don’t seem to work.

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WDUser1138 wrote:

Is the quality the same?

Quality is the same … if it works.   Media Servers are limitted in what media types are supported.    Network shares are not.

As far as your network issue, See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps:

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