Can't log on to shares


I’m really  struggling to get my new box set up. Using WiFi I can establish a connection and set the Workgroup correctly, and I can see my various shares, but after I put in the login info i get an invalid username or password message. I’ve re-inputted several times and tried two different administrator accounts as well as Anonymous/blank pwd and anonymous/blank pwd, and blank/blank. Always the same, invalid username or password.

I’ve createda new administrator account and tried that. nope. I’ve given the account explicit permission for one of the shares, not just as part of the administrator group. Nope.

I can find lots of posts about people having trouble when there isn’t a username/password set up, but not when there is and they are trying to use it.

Can anyone shed any light on this, please?

Thanks in advance.

Try mapping the share using WDlink.

If that doesn’t work try disabling Password Protected Sharing.