Cant log into MyBook World Anymore with Mac OSX Lion

Help!!! I just upgraded to the new Mac operating system Mac 10.7 OSX Lion but my hard drive no longer works. I can see the visible drive but when i click on any folder it says “the original folder *folder name* cannot be found” then i go to enter my login details but i get the above message. Anyone know of a work around???

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The Western Digital My Book World Edition does not currently support Mac OS X Lion (10.7) as it is not officially released yet.


Lion’s not out yet dude, I would NOT be surprised as the same thing happened to Snow Leopard, you’re stuck until an update becomes available.

I’ve no problems copying files to and from our MyBook World and MB Live using 10.7 GM

The issue with all the MB NAS drives is lack of suport for TimeMachine. 

And to all the folk who say Lion isn’t released yet, it’s been available to all developers for weeks and to companies like Adobe, Microsoft etc. months

The latest release is as close as you’re likely to see to the public version hitting the App Store any day soon


Absolute - whats your setup? how did you fix yours?

Trancer - the version that is currently seeded to developers is the GM release which will be the final copy that will be in the Appstore unless major bugs are found by developers. Any cosmetic changes will most likely be fixed in the first Lion update (10.7.1)

PizzaMatrix - how long after snow leopard was released did a software upgrade come around? We talking days? weeks? months?

It took slightly more than a month.

well at least it got fixed, lets hope it comes sooner rather than later this time around. Until then i think i’ll need to use my drive as a new paper weight :cry:

This is just a shame… i’m altough running 10.7, impossible to log trough Bonjour, and TimeMachine not working too…

WD has the worst software/firmware ever seen and the customer service is just a pain…

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Now Lion is officially released.  Will we see a firmware upgrade soon?

Hi All,

As of July 20, 2011, OS X Lion is released. I too have run into the issue of AFP not allowing you to connect to your WD World Edition. The shiny new Console reports when I try to connect to it:

21/07/11 2:11:14.000 AM kernel: ASP_TCP CancelOneRequest: cancelling slot 4 error 89 reqID 5 flags 0x9 afpCmd 0x14 so 0xffffff80115eac48

21/07/11 2:11:14.000 AM kernel: ASP_TCP do_thread_read: no reqInfo found for reqID 1

21/07/11 2:11:19.000 AM kernel: ASP_TCP CancelOneRequest: cancelling slot 19 error 89 reqID 20 flags 0x9 afpCmd 0x14 so 0xffffff801853657821/07/11 2:11:19.000 AM kernel: ASP_TCP do_thread_read: no reqInfo found for reqID 1

Hope that helps :smiley:


How did you guys actually complete the upgrade to Lion without access to the Time Machine? I’m running a WD WorldBook and backing up across the LAN via Time Machine. It looks like when I install Lion it wants to restore the data/settings from Time Machine, which of course, it can’t connect to. Any suggestions would be great, thx!

You just select to install a new copy of Lion, and it automatically restores all your files and folders on top of your new installation. You don’t have to use Time Machine for that. At least that was my case. That said, I really hope this issue gets resolved, although it doesn’t look very good. 

I don’t know whether this has been posted before, but here are some more info:

I have bought this product not long ago, and I’m expecting it to work with Lion too. 

If I select that option (to do a fresh Lion install), it looks like it wipes the disk and needs to restore the data/settings from my Time Machine backup, which I cannot access. I’m afraid of losing all my data if I do that… Am I correct in that assumption?

Well, I don’t want to be accounted for any eventual/potential data loss here, but I just finished upgrading to Lion about 1 hour ago, and I chose to do a fresh install. Obviously my Time Machine was not working as I am using WD Book World Edition, but when Lion booted up all my files were there. 

OK, thanks. It should work then. I’m going to cruise by a “genius bar” before I pull the trigger. Too much downside… Thanks again.

You’re welcome, and good luck :slight_smile:

Can anyone confirm whether or not this affects all MBW access or just Time Machine. I only use my MBW to access shared files on its HD and not for backup. I’ve heard conflicting reports as to whether or not that functionality is affected.

Thanks for any help that can be provided!

I dont use time machine and i cant access any of my files on the drive ever since i installed Lion

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Haven’t tested this yet, but this method looks like it may work, even though its using a different NAS.

I have tested it, and while I can now access the drive, Time Machine does not let me backup to it, I get:

The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features.