Cant log in to dashboard device offline

I can not log into dashboard its says device is offline 3 blue lights on and makes noise when I try set up is asking me for username and password which I havent got.

@marta380 Please let me know

  1. What is the model of your device?
  2. Are you trying with Dashboard(Admin UI) or Web File?
  3. Have you gone thro the setup process completely? Have you logged in to the dashboard?
    Please find below KBA for more information.
    My Cloud OS 5: How to Update From My Cloud OS 3

If you are trying remotely, you need to make sure that you already setup remote access.
My Cloud OS 5: How to Add Users and Enable Remote Access


Hu thank you for your help my device is EX2Ultra. I did set up in March and I have seen dashboard I also managed to update something but now I can not log in from webfiles

I have this message

Hi I think I have sorted it out! I need it to restart device After restart it appear online. Now I do not know how to set it up so drive appears on my pc screen next to main C drive?

you can “map network drive” for each share.

(right click in “this PC” on file explorer navigation pane).(Also, the NAS should showup under “Network” on the navigation pane - - - -It does show up reliabily on OS/5 (and rarely showed up on OS/3))

There is a KBA to explain how to Map Network Drive that appears on your PC permanently.

For Windows:
How To Map a WD Network Drive on Windows 10

For macOS:
How to map a WD network drive on a Mac

@marta380 You may consider updating the My Cloud OS 3 to OS 5.

What is the new My Cloud OS 5?
The new My Cloud OS 5 update will feature our latest security updates to help keep your content safe. The new My Cloud OS 5 software will also feature lots of changes such as a new and improved mobile and web app, new cloud access support, and more.