Can't locate /etc/nas/service_startup/ssh on MBL


I got my UI bricked and I had no SSH enabled on my NEW MBL 1GB.

Now, I opened my MBL out of its case, connected via sata port on my pc (in AHCI or IDE mode) and now how I enter the file manager so I can enable the SSH and update to new firmware? I see 5 partitions in Computer Management

1rst 15MB unalocated

2nd 489 MB RAW

3rd and 4th 1.91 GB

5th 927 GB RAW

Every time I try to access the partition I get Need to format error. If I try under Ubuntu I get error mounting. Sollution?



It’ll be under the 3rd partition.  I would change the same under the 4th partition.  Make the same changes!

The 3rd and 4th partitions are part of a RAID1 array.  Maybe better to get ubuntu to mount those two partitions as a RAID1 array and then make the change.  I don’t know how to do this sort of mount.

I allready instaled ubuntu, but dont know how to mount those and do the procedure :frowning:

This might help:

I wrote a GUIDE that helped me.

Check it here -

Sweet!  :smiley:

Glad it’s helped.