Can't install Windows 10 on a new WD 1TB Black-Error 0x80070057

I am attempting to assemble a computer for my son’s use. I’m using an older MSI 870A-G54 which uses BIOS not UEFI. I have a new/OEM WD 1 TB Black HDD that I am using RUFUS/mintools to clean and reset the drive to MBR, no partitions, unallocated space. I have also tried creating a 619MB partion (0 - unallocated) prior to running the install with no change in the end result.

In the BIOS I have the following settings:

PCI IDE Busmaster to Disabled
On chip SATA controller to Enabbled

I disconnected everything except the HDD. I have the BIOS set to see the HDD as primary and the USB as secondary and manually override (F11) the boot to the USB stick.

The Windows 10 media is on a USB stick that we purchased at a store.

When I get down to having Windows actually try and do something with the drive we always end with the 0x80070057 error message. As this is not an upgrade, there is no registry to edit as some other posts suggest at MS KB. If I hit the “Next” button after the failed format attempt it moves to the “Installing Windows” screen. It crashes before moving off 0% and gives me the same error message “Windows could not format a partition on disk 0… …Error code (0x80070057)”.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Please try this out, i know its for windows 7, but the start of the installation seems to be similar on both OS. Hope this helps:

In case you already tried this, i suggest creating the USB again.

Thanks for your reply.

As it turns out, I was able to get Windows 10 to install without a hitch after creating a new Windows install USB stick on my own from the MS website. Apparently they realized an issue and came up with the solution that is a part of the latest install software.