Can't install WD Discovery for Windows in China

I bought it,but i can’t install the software in my new pc.
i am sure why it can’t install is because the Software can’t downloads install files from the server which outside china.
Customer service personnel told me, Maybe i have to need VPN to install it. but i haven’t it,and get vpn is not easy in china.
So have any way elsa,i can install it?

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@sunjoy211 thank for reporting the issue of downloading WD Discovery software using the WD Discovery Installer from within China


  1. Can you access these files?

  1. Are you having a problem installing this packages above or installing and downloading the packages from the internet using the installer?

  2. Can you post a screenshot please?

1 yes,i can.
2 I am having a problem installing and downloading the packages from the internet using the installer?
3 the screenshot ,i guess the problem happens just in china.The installer can’t download the packages in china. %E6%97%A0%E6%A0%87%E9%A2%98

@sunjoy211 chances are you have either a nslookup, ping or traceroute failure to one of these domain names required for WD Discovery

yes,i know i can’t install the WD Discovery because my PCs ping the resources which the installer required failed.
So i just want to know what can I do to solve this problem. use a vpn to connect or any other way.
i have asked the chinese customer service person,they just told me wait and try to install it in an other day.
but i try several days,all failed.

@sunjoy211 Apologies but I cannot advise how you should access unrestricted internet access at your location in China. I can only advised what is required for WD Discovery and My Cloud Home to function correctly. Please read the KBA listed below BEFORE downloading the full installer located here.

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