Can't install My Cloud

Hi guys,

I am very new in this field (and on this forum). Would appriciate some help! 

Bought a 3TB My Cloud today but cant install it. At home i have a Thomson tg789vn router. WAN access thorugh fiber with Telia in Sweden. I have a desktop PC connected via Ethernet cable to the router. Also running IP telephony via Telia on the same unit. All this works fine.

However when I plug in the My Cloud nothing happens. It powers up but the front LED light, just gives a flashing yellow light. On the back side of the My Cloud there is no green light next to the Ethernet cable so there seems to be no connection. Consequently the setup software cant find any My Cloud (obviously)

I have made sure the ethernet cable is plugged in both in the router and the My Cloud. I have tested to disconnect the My Cloud and connect a second PC to the same router port with the same Ethernet cable and that works fine so nothing wrong with the router port or the cable. Have tried to reboot both router and My Cloud. Tried to disconnect the router from the incoming WAN and connecting the My Cloud there. Still no green light on the back (no Ethernet connection.)

Have tried to look on youtube videos and troubleshooting guides but none giva any guidance here. Not sure where to go from here, should i start by adjusting somthing in the Thomson configuration or could the My Cloud be a faulty one? Or coud my Carrier Telia (who owns the Thomson router) prevent My Cloud in my network in some way? Any suggestions?

Looks like your router only supports 100m, not gig.  

And though rare, it seems like the WD doesn’t like the autosensing ports on that router.

If you plug the WD directly into your PC’s ethernet port, does it then light up?

No it doesn’t light up if I connect to the My Cloud Ethernet port directly to the PC ethernet port. Does that make it a faulty unit?

You are right about the 100MB of the router. Maybe it is time to replace the router. The current version that Telia offer to new customers right now, is Thomson TG 799vac. I guess I can persuade them to replace it for me if I ask nicely or order somehting, but will that help?

Correction. The Ethernet port does light up after a while if I direct connect it to my PC. So that makes the router my prime suspect. Other inputs?

Other inputs?

Yes; try other inputs (ports) on the router… You may just have a single faulty port.

This is [Deleted]. I tried all sorts of things yesterday, and suddenly I just got a green light on the ethernet connection and managed to install the thing! Not sure which of the tricks that did it…

But what do you know, I then unplugged it to place it in its proper place (rather than having it on my table top) and then connected it again exacatly the way it was before. And now I am back where I started – no connection. This [Deleted] is being returned to the store. 

Thought I’d let you know, in case someone else need the information, the trick that made it work (most of the times) was turning off and on the upnp in the Thomson Router. I can’t stand doing that everytime My Cloud has a hickup so for me this product is useless and now returned.

If I had the case where it needed to be always on, never moved, never experience a power outage or anything… then maybe it would do, but that’s not my case. Adios My Cloud

Maybe it’s time to adios your router, too?

I have a Thomson (Technicolor TG582n) router. I have UPnP control of the router turned off, permanently. I have no problem with Ethernet connections for either of the two MyClouds I own.