Can't initialize Mac formatted My Book on PC

I am trying to reformat a Mac My Book Essential (1TB) to use on a PC, but I can’t get it to initialize in disk management.  Can someone please help?

Maybe you missed something check this


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Thank you for your help.

Once again it is a Mac formatted My Book Essential.  I’m running Win 7 and want to Initialize the drive.  I ran the diagnostic and it passed the quick test and it also passed the " quick zero" operation but it wouldn’t write zeros to the whole drive.  It said I had bad sectors which might be repaired but I get stopped at every turn - I assume because I can’t initialize the drive in Windows Drive Management.  When I try, it says “incorrect function”.  It sees the drive but that is all.

I’ve tried to use the WD quick formatter to write a FAT 32 partition but that fails also.

My system is dual boot with XP and Win 7.  I haven’t tried to do anything with it in XP yet, but I wonder if it would make any difference.

I rebooted into XP this time but the drive still won’t initialize.  I tried all of the same things as before and got the same error messages.

This drive was a recertified drive that I got from an auction house (Ubid).  It’s not making any strange noises (loud clicking, etc.), but I’m beginning to think it might be a bad drive.  Any input would be appreciated.