Can't hear 1st audo channel?

When I coppied a BluRay to my HDrive as a m3ts file and play I can only hear the 3 ACI audio tracks and not the english first track which is , I think, D Digital. Any ideas?

If I take my B Ray and copy it as an ISO disk it works great?

Am I copying the B Ray (that I own) in a wrong format? What program would then be best if ISO is not the righ format? Thanks.

I assume you mean M2TS (there’s no such thing as an M3TS file).  I’m not even sure what you mean by ACI audio tracks – are you talking about AC3?

The Live will not play True-HD in most cases.  And remember that if you want to hear surround sound you must have a receiver capable of decoding it and set your audio out settings to “Digital” as opposed to “Stereo”.  What is your audio set to now?