Can't get SMB to work

I am a new user on the latest firmware and cannot get Samba shares to work - it doesn’t show any available share.

I have followed all the troubleshooting and other posts I could find but nothing works. I am on a wired connection and can stream from PS3 Media Server and Windows Media Server but just can’t see any shared folders.

Any other suggestions?

See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps:

Already followed that one. My setup is as described (master browser, workgroup names the same etc).

The final sentence says “So, this covers the majority of the problems.  If you’re STILL not able to make it work, then the issue is somewhere else.   That requires SUBSTANTIAL additional work, usually by means of capturing network traffic to and from your WDTV, the Master Browser, and the server.   And that’s out of scope for now.”

So its no help.

On your PC, issue the command

net view \(pc-name) as described in that how-to.

Post the results here.