Can't get response from WD support

I have opened two cases and made one phone call requesting help with a new ‘mybooklive’ over the past week and have had no response from WD. What is the best way to get a response?

Just wait, they may be backed up. What’s your issue? If you post here, someone may be able to help

WD Smartware will only back up my C drive. While the dropdown menu offers me the option of selecting my other internal hard drive, it continues to show the data on that drive as ‘Excluded’, and although it will back up individual files when I select them, it will not allow me to put ticks in the boxes beside the file names so that I can back up more than one file at a time, and have real time backup running.

Secondly, WD Quickview will not open.

I am using a HP Pavilion desktop with 64bit Windows7 and Norton internet security.

Why can’t you put the ticks in the boxes? Does it not tick at all?  Also, theres nothing to open in QuickView other than the tray icon.  Have you tried reinstalling / updating SmartWare to the latest version?

Have had response from WD. Problem solved. Thank you.