Can't get past login page

here is my problem i am try logging onto mybook live 2TB its slow to access the login page and then putting in the password it just refreshes the screen. I’ve tried putting in a wrong password it shows incorrect password error message.

Already tried doing a reset on the unit . I  can still access it over ftp,as a network share in windows, but smartware doesn’t see the drive.

Any advert filtering plug-ins on your web browser. Are cookies interfered with?

tried multiple computers an iphone with firefox,ie and safari all have the same issue.

Having same problem… Support told me to update firmware… did not fix

Seems to be  a “dashboard” issue.  After I set the password for “owner”, I cannot log back on to dashboard.  BUT I am able to log on to the folder shares in WIndows 7.

Another problem I am having is I cannot change access rights for users - full access to read only.