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Hi, I’ve searched this forum but cant find what im looking for.

Had a 2T my cloud for 6 months and i cannot for the life of me get any of the sofware to run correctly.

I can find and use the drive as a normal NAS on my windows 7 network, bur cant use any of the WD software is it just all stalls on finding the drive. I cant even find it using it IP through a browser.

The installation setup software throws the attached error.

Any help i’d be most grateful.

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I’d check the network type. If it’s set as a public network and/or if your firewall is blocking some LAN services then the applications will not be able to interact with your NAs.

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Have you visited the Learning Center and checked out the videos and other information that is provided?

Here is a link to the User Manual for the WD My Cloud.

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