Can't get network working with bidpond elite gateway

Hi guy’s

We just bought a WDTV live unit and for the life of us can’t get the network shares working? we have set it to setup network auto, now it says everything is right but it’s not.

when we go to connect the WDTV to the network is shows bigpond21 which isn’t the name of the bigpond gateway? it should be connecting to bigpond8398? even if we delete the current network settings it only ever finds BigPond21?

Now BigPond 21 is the usb storage for the gateway, not the actual gateway it’self, what are we missing here? it’s got me stuffed! and i about to kick it out the door!

please someone give me hand with this :angry:

What difference does it make?

If BigPond21 is the USB Storage, why would you need it to find anything else?

because it’s finding only the usb storage side of the gateway! i need it to access everything through the gateway including pc’s! thats why!

I think you misunderstand what you’re doing.

You don’t connect to your PCs via the GATEWAY’s name.

You would connect to your PC’s via the PC’s name.

Now, if your PC name doesn’t show up, that’s a separate issue, but it has nothing to do with the name of the GATEWAY not showing up.

oh ok

well the WDTV will connect to the net but when we go to network then folders it can’t see any pc’s? but the pc’s can see each other fine?

Ok.  First, make sure that the WORKGROUP name is the same on the WDTV as it is on all the PCs.

Then, see if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps: