Can't get iTunes to work on MBL Duo 4Tb

Aargh - sometimes WD’s directions are TOO VAGUE, especially when dealing with the iTunes server.  

questions:  When the directions say “copy your music files to the shared music folder” - what are the specifics?  Do all of the raw music files have to be extracted from their current iTunes-created folders and lumped into one big directory?  Or, what is the folder path and naming convention?  I copied all 129Gb of music to \SERVERNAME\SHARED MUSIC\iTunes\music folder - and nothing shows up when I try to access the MLBD Shared Music as seen by iTunes on my laptop.

2 - How can I get iTunes on my laptop to recognize that 129Gb of music?  I moved the folders to the MLBDuo, told iTunes the new folder location on startup, but all of the music files still point back to the ofiginal folders on my C: drive.

iTunes Server-based files show in the SHARED section, as shown here:

Not working! All of the music folders are now in Capture1.JPGI

iTunes is set up with a library location of


iTunes (v11) can see the AMCMBLIVEDUO as an iTunes server, but no music is displayed.

I select a song in iTunes, Show File in Windows Explorer, and sure enough, the music is still linked to a location on the hard drive of my computer, not the network drive.


You’re confusing two different things.

An iTunes Server (the MBLD) can NOT be used as a library location in iTunes.

It is *only* for “Shared” streaming to iTunes clients, as I displayed above.

Also, unfortunately, we can’t see any of your images until a moderator approves them.

It sounds like what you’re wanting to do is to move your library off of the PC and onto the MBLD, which has nothing at all to do with iTunes Server.

So then, how about answering one of the original questions - do shared music files have to be dumped into the MBLD’s Shared Music folder - all 129gb of music files, or can I copy the folders over from iTunes?

You can copy them Lock, Stock, and Barrel.

Though I keep my actual iTunes “LIBRARY” on my PC locally, I “sync” it over to the MBL.  

So I actually have

Public / Shared Music / iTunes / LOTS of folders in here.

If you want to run all your music of your NAS, then what you can do is

Copy everything under the whole iTunes directory from your PC to your NAS (including Library files *.itl and *.xml) and then use this document to open another library which will be your NAS.

This would make your NAS the main location of your library, with a copy on your PC.

Please remember, that if you do that, all the new music you add, you also have to copy back to your PC :smiley:

If you want to reverse to your PC library, use the same Apple Doc, to open the library on your PC