Can't get into mybooklive o/s but can SSH

I’ve just moved and had to re set up my network. I have an eero router with the mybooklive plugged straight into that. Everything was working fine before and nothing has changed except internet provider.

I can’t get into mybooklive.local nor can I get into it by it’s old IP address. However I discovered the new IP address it has and I can SSH into it then terminal and I can even access a sickbeard install I had on it. Can’t access the WD O/S, nor can I see transmission which I had on it (or feature packs manager)

Hi kdesilva,

You should try to connect My Book Live after the pin reset. It resets the password to the default value of {none/blank} and to default IP settings DHCP.

If it’s DHCP how will I know what the IP address will be to get to the dashboard?

Also since my post, it’s gone to a steady orange light and now I’m unable to access at all…

If you can SSH into it try running
netstat -nltp

To see listening programs on TCP ports. You should see Apache or Apache2 on port 80 or “http”

You can also run
And make sure it returns some HTML.

If the Apache2 webserver is running you probably have an issue with the router I’d imagine.