Can't "Get Info" in Network Shares

It has been a while since my last firmware update and finally updated to the newest. I have a few questions/issues:

  1. In my network shares folder all my genre folders icons are what they are supposed to be, and my movie icons are also right. But when I add a new movie to my network share on the pc  and go to option on the hub, there isnt the “get info” that used to be there. Do I have to go and create the info (xml and jpg) and put in the share folder?

  2. When I am in media library all the genre folders icons are showing up as a movie that is in the folder, but when I go to a movie and hit options, then the “get info” is there?

What is the best way to set up the hub witht the new firmware as far as either network shares, media library, or a media server?


Get Info is ONLY available when My Media Library is the content source.