Can't get blue light or see drive on Network

I can’t get a blue light on my MyBook.
And I can’t see the unit on the network.
Looks like I might have to try a reset.
Will that erase the data?

Hi there,

If you do a normal reset through he reset button, it will not erase any data. The only way to delete data from the unit is by doing a restore through the dashboard, a quick restore or a full restore will both delete data from the drive.

Hi. Thanks for your reply.
The reset button isn’t doing the trick.
I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the power, and I get a blue light for a few moments, but then a solid yellow (I think) light.
Network can’t see the drive.
I’ve connected it directly to my laptop via ethernet, and still can’t see it.
Tried getting into the dashboard by typing the IP address into a browser, but I can’t access it.
Can anyone help?


On this case i recommend contacting support for further assistance on this matter:

Hope they are able to help you out.