Can't get any online stations by running ethernet between my wireless laptop and media player

My laptop has a wireless modem, I’m getting the signal from my dads modem in the other room. I tried to run the ethernet cable from my laptop to the media player, I tried to set up the network manually and automatically and Istill can’t tune into netflix, youtube, etc on the media player.I tried to log in manually by typing in the ip addres, netmask, gateway, etc, it said that it was ok but still doesn’t get netlix or other online stations.  Any advice appreciated.

What WD player do you have?

Live Plus

Are you saying that-

a) Your laptop connects via wireless to a wireless router, AND

b) You connected your Laptop and WDTV Live via ethernet

If it is yes to both then, without special configuration on your laptop, the WDTV Live will not have Internet access.

Your Laptop would need to be specially configured to bridge the wireless and ethernet connections. This is not always easy to do. Well actually, mostly it is difficult.

Suggest you get either a wireless adaptor for the WDTV Live, a wireless /ethernet bridge or look into a Homeplug power line solution.

Thanks, I think I’ll have to go with the adaptor