Cant get aMule app to work?

I’ve followed the guide,-ex2-or-ex4 for installing the aMule app on my EX2 My Cloud. 

But it says at the top :  Connection:  Not connected to KAD, not connected to ED2K
   Speed:  Up: 0 bytesps | Down: 0 bytesps (Limits: 0 bytesps/1000.00KBps)

If I click on the lightning bolt under actions nothing happens?

How do I get this to work?

Have you tried searching for any file?

I noticed that in the walk trough in our website it also shows not connected.

It will be a good a Idea to check your router to see if the firewall could be blocking the app as well.

I tried the search with no luck :frowning:

I cant connect to any server…

in server list -> sever preferences -> add new server

put a valid server from

it show ip and port when you put arrow mouse over servers, then “add to list”, don´t forget open ports in your router 4662, 4665, 4712 NAT to your LAN ip of your box.