Can't format ext drive to desired type!

Hi everybody,

Where do I start? Today I bought a WD Elements external Hard Drive in order to salvage data from my Macbook Pro (with the latest update of High Sierra installed). Before I can continue with that process, I have to format the HD. But I can’t! Every attempt I make fails. And that is when I’m in the Partition window, trying to apply the selection for the exFAT format type. It doesn’t matter what file type I choose btw, whatever I do: Anything will result in an “unable to perform action” type of message. Why?!
This is very frustrating!
I’ve bought this HD only a few hours ago, and already I feel like it is useless for what I intended to use it for.

Maybe someone out there has been through this process before. I think I should mention that this action is performed in CMD-R mode, not in a normal desktop situation. At this point I am not able to go beyond the startup screen (which is the issue I am trying to get to grips with).

So how do I get to formatting that %###^^^!!! HD?
Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

Note to self: I noticed a previous message with a similar issue, with a link to Seagate:
It seems it holds a key to solve the issue. I hope it does.


Please follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the below link: