Cant format and partition WD2002FAEX

BIOS recognized the HD no prob, used this guide to start the disk up

Got an error message saying, windows could not format the HDD, tried full format, and it keeps on freezing, tried to format via windows install cd, froze again.

Help please.

Hi there, try to clean the disk first. Download WD’s DOS DLG so you can make a low-level format (Write zeros) to the drive so you can try again, and lastly try a completely different Windows installation disc… If it still gives you problems then replace it.

That drive is also a SATA III, are you sure your Motherboard can handle it just fine? Try also to set a jumper shunt on pins 5&6 to force SATA II mode.

Thanks, I will try that.

I also contacted WD and they gave me a long list of things to try.

My Motherboard is a X58 board and works perfectly fine with a 600GB Velociraptor, so that is not the problem.