Can't finish installation. Password asked during process

I’m installing the Discovery software in my High Sierra OS Mac.
In the middle of the process it prompts a window asking for the password to install additional software.
Since the drive is new i not yet have a password assigned to it. When i give cancel it stops the process so the software is not fully installed.

I hope someone could give me a clue on how to either install without password or to assign a password prior to the installation of the Discovery to be able to carry on.

Thanks everyone!

The My Passport for Mac comes preformatted in HFS+ Mac supported file format, so there is need to use any application or tool to use My Passport for Mac drive in MacOS. However, it may be possible that you’d installed WD Discovery earlier and asking for password of previously used WD Discovery.

I would suggest to please try to use My Passport for Mac drive in another computer for this issue.