Can't find what is consuming all the space on my WD Elements 320GB Drive

Ref WD Elements 320 GB portable drive connected through 2.0 USB port to a PC using MS Vista Operating system

When I click on computer I see the WD Elements drive listed. When I click on Properties for this drive it shows "Used Space 320 GB  Free Space 2.86 MB.

I then open the drive and it shows all the files and applications on the drive and the file size. When I add up the total file space from all that is listed on the drive it only totals about 120 GM.

Can anyone give me some ideas on how I can determine what is consuming the other 200 GM of drive space.


You might have some hidden files inside the Elements, check the link below for the steps to see the hidden files.

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Thanks for your post and feedback.

I executed “Show Hidden Files” and two additional flies showed up on the list, but when I checked the file sizes, they were insignificant.

There were two file folders that still showed empty after the hidden files mode was activated. One I added three years ago. I decided to delete it and after which I got back the lost ~200 GB of file space. So the problem was hidden files, not sure why the Show Hidden Files command didn’t reveal them, But I am happy to have the problem fixed.

Thanks for your help.

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