Can't find WD on network?

I have an older WD Live that has a usb drive attached to it. For years I have been able to copy files from my PC through the network to the usb drive attached to my WD Live.

Now, I have a new (used) WD Streaming media player that I put a usb thumb drive into. I can view the files on the thumb drive fine. What I would lilke to do is be able to access that thumb drive from my PC just like I do my other WD Live.
This is on W10 and I set up my original WD Live so long ago I have no idea how to replicate it. I do know the ip address of the new WD Streaming player. But it just takes me to a web page I log into and there’s no files show or a way to copy/paste files like my older unit.
I assume I have my PC set up correctly because I have other things on the network that I can log into, etc.
Any chance someone might know how I can figure this out? thanks

Dunno if this is a solution, but remember … Windows 10 updates disabled SMB1 Network Protocol (because of Security Exploits) to SMB2 or SMB3

All WD TV Media Players use SMB1.

So, if thats the cause, then you’ll have to re-enable SMB1 on Windows 10 to access the WDTV