Can't find the media library on my HDDs/NAS

In Ye Olde Dayes ™ with my old WDTV Live and attached USB HDD it was easy to find the media library - it was kept in a little folder on the HDD called ‘’ or something.

This was good. Easy to find meant easy to delete.

Any trouble with the media library and I’d delete on the WD, delete from the HDD whilst attached to my PC, then do a complete power down. This always worked in completely wiping the library -100% success rate.

But now I still have the odd little problem (no worries), and a standard delete/power down doesn’t always fully work. When I go looking for a ‘’ folder (or similar) it’s not there, unless it’s hidden in one of my individual films’ folders, and I’m not checking through all of those.

Anyone any ideas?

Steve W

it’s called .wd_tv , and it’s a hidden folder.  So when you plug into your PC, make sure you have “View Hidden Files / Folders” enabled.

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Will there only be one, or one on each HDD?

Will it be found easily enough at the same level as the films, or potentially hidden away?


Steve W

It’s at the root of the HD.

Ah!  Found it!

Steve W