Can't Find Simple Answer to Playing DVDs With My WD TV Live Plus

I have been searching for over an hour, and can’t find a simple answer.

Is it possible to play DVDs on my network laptop DVD drive streamed via WiFi to my WD TV Live Plus, or do I have to rip DVDs to be able to play them through my WD TV LivePlus?

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There’s at least one thread here in the last week that asked that same question but I think the only answer someone came up with was “it might be possible”.

While I’m not a hardware expert, but the real bottom line is whether you can share that drive and serve the data properly.  So the first step is to go to that drive’s properties and set it up as a net share (it will warn you not to share the root of the drive but you’ll ignore it).  Then go to the Live and see if you can connect to that drive as a share (with a disc in it) and, if so, you *ought* to be able to do it (see?  The same answer).

If you do get this working you might post back here so the next person won’t have a problem finding the solution.

Hypno:  You’re really asking two different questions.

The WD Live is a DLNA device.   If you can find DVD player software that plays DVDs to a DLNA device, it will work.   But that’d be doing a lot of backflips; I don’t know why you’d WANT to do such a thing.   It’s far simpler just to serve up the DVD image and let the WD play it natively.

Or just connect the DVD player to the TV.  Okay, I said it.  But, y’all were thinking it.