Can't find shared folder

Ok, I’ve been trying to use this device for almost a month now.

There are just too many problems to list.

Firstly, I can see my shared movies in my computer share. My laptop connected to the network can also see it.

But when I use the live hub, it doesnt find it.

I’ve tried everything I Can and no matter what, I can’t see my movies folder on my pc.

I can access the HD of the hub from my pc using WD link, but I don’t want to copy my files, I want to stream them.

Another issue or glitch or whatever, is when you select a new source, it give you 2 options, wait for scan to finish, or folder view. If I click I’ll wait, nothing. There isnt any indicators ANYWHERE that the box is scanning. Has it stopped? Is it working in the background? I don’t know.

I’m really stuck, I’ve checked firewall settings, cables, made sure I shared the right folders. Nothing.

It finds my PC, just no my Movies folder.

If it’s still scanning, the LED is still blinking.

No, the WD light is always on. doesnt flash at all. This is a mystery to me. I remember back in the says of XP networking was a pain. But now I thought it would be simple, right click, share folder, done.

Same here, it sees my pc, but after selecting it it just keep slooking and eventually says ‘disconnected’… for some reason…

the other way around, i can stream to my tv hub, in somewhat low quality, but i can not put any files on the HD.

I was reading a review online that stated you could just drag and drop folders on the hub, all i get is a webinterface to do the settings, and  the completely irritating twonky server. i managed to put 1 file on via the twonkyservers ridiculous upload (you cannot even see what its doing while uploading… you just have to wait and pray)  and that file was somehow invisible to my WD live hub… nowhere to be found…

am i missing something here?? :cry:

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It’s maddening. As for drag and drop, download WD link if you havent already. WD Discovery doesn’t find anything on my system.

Having to drag and drop is one way, but I paid for a streaming device and I have to copy/move over movies I wan’t to watch? No thanks. There must be another way around this.

I’m sure my box is faulty also, the power button on the front of the device fails to work most of the time. About 20 presses just to turn it off, with the remote, its instant.