Can't find MyCloud after installing MyBook

Hello. I have a MyCloud, and have just installed a MyBook. But now the MyCloud icon in the taskbar has been replaced by a WD Discovery icon, and I can’t find MyCloud on my local network.
If I open WD Discovery, there’s a link to “I have a MyCloud device.” But when I click on that, I get “MyCloud device is not supported. To access files on your MyCloud device, go to”
And when I go there online, I can see the files there, and I have an option to download them. But I just need to have them available on the MyCloud device that’s here on my desk! How can I get to that?
(P.S. If I go to my local network on Windows Explorer, it can see there’s a MyCloud Device, but it can’t open the folders there.)

Thanks for any help!

Can close this conversation. Spoke to an agent who explained how to fix it.