Cant find my file! How to find photos easily? Deleted Files?

So Yesterday I was moving some files from the “WD My Cloud” software to get the files in My Book Live 3T drive. So as I was moving them from my book live drive true the WD My Cloud" software to my new computer sudenly the files (photos of my honeymoon…) disapeared… I :angry:have been triying to find them every where :cry:, I have checked all folders to see if by any chance I put these mistakenly but I cant find them.

Is there a special way to find a file? something similar to windows like “CTRL- F”? Because I cant find anything in the dialog box of this new software… Its not even in my recycle bin im destroyed in this moment… this thing is just not made for a typical PC user… 


This is  the WD software that im using:

So miracle just happended I just found the folder with my honeymoon photos!!!I Guess that the next step is getting all files and folders to my computer and then buying another more simpler external drive to just drag and drop files and leave the my book live as a master back up drive as the 3rd option because this is scary.

All NAS devices work pertty much the same, good luck on any decision you make.

However, if you just need drag/drop files, yes, this devices supports that as well. It would be achieve via Samba, instead of the app cloud. and you would use “Windows Explorer” or Finder.

I would recommend two things:

  • Take the time to learn it. 99% of the time, it will be the same with just about any NAS you might purchase. Read the manual. TIP: This is not an external USB drive but a NAS. Big differences.

  • BACKUPS BACKUPS BACKUPS! This is the most important, regardless of what brand NAS you have or whatever you do.

Good luck!

Thank you I apreciatte it! really handy information for a guy like me that is not a guru in computers or drives…

With Regards,