Can't find my cloud with mac


Can anyone advise me, I just got a new mac book pro with latest operating system, I have downloaded the app for the desktop but it does not seem to find my cloud

Please help me

Mapping the Devices as a drive

This is how I’ve been using the NAS device by mapping the device as a local drive. SMB for Mac. After mapping the shares as a drive, with the gigabit ethernet, the shares almost feels local.

On my Mac, once your WD Cloud is powered up 

  1. in finder, click Go

  2. select connect to server

  3. click browse

  4. you should see wdmycloud, double click on this 

  5. you will see Connected as: Guest,

   a. if you have already created users with access to certain shares then you must click on ‘Connect as’ and enter your       userid and password.

  1. select the shares that you want to connect and they will show up on your desktop. 

Hi Gary,

Just wondering, Are you using the WD My Cloud Desktop app? If you are, you may try to connect through DAC or through your WD My Cloud account. This login page could be found by clicking on the “Connect to a device manually” on the initial page.