Can't find mp3 files in MyCloud?

Hi, all.

So far (4 months in) I love my WD MyCloud (3TB). I mainly use it for my LightRoom catalog so I can edit photos remotely.

I have a few videos (mp4) I’ve put in the “public” folder, and I can see them/play them from my DVD player (samsung), which sees the cloud no problem.

However, I can’t seem to get the same result with mp3 files. Doesn’t matter where I put them, I always get “no found file.”

Any ideas?

Using a computer, open “This PC”, you will see a DLNA player there. Verify your computer can see the mp3 correctly. You can also open Windows media player and look at the shared library.

If you can see mp3 then, your DVD player has the problem.

If you can’t, the problem is on the server side. Twonky server.

Let us know.

Does this apply to OSX 10.9 as well?

I think you can use VLC on the Mac to connect to a “UpNP” player on the network…

Wow. That’s super convenient. :confounded:

Wait. This is just to test where your problem is. Normally you should see mp3 files on your DLNA client. For example, I can see them on my PS3. We are just trying to determine whether you have a problem with your TV or with your NAS. Makes sense?

Yes - thanks for clarifying! My experience with NAS-type servers is pretty limited. Started with a lonely - though expensive -  10MB Seagate drive (SCSI) in 1986! :slight_smile: