Can't find media on NAS

Hello all,

I recently bought a Iomega EZ NAS with 2TB of storage. I have added some music and movies to it and connected it to my network-router. All computers recognize the Iomega EZ, and so does the WD TV Live Hub. So, that’s not the problem. Connecting with the Iomega EZ, trought the WD TV Live Hub ‘Videos’ section, also works. It connects and gives me 4 folders:

  • Albums

  • All Videos

  • By Date

  • Playlists

But when i enter a folder, it says that there’s no media in it. Yet, there IS media on the Iomega EZ. Now i don’t know if these folders are standard on the WD TV Live Hub when conntection to a NAS, but i can’t find these 4 folders on my Iomega EZ. Only folders on there are:

  • Backups

  • Documents

  • Movies

  • Music

  • Pictures

  • SharedMedia

But these folders don’t show on the WD TV Live Hub, only the 4 ones i mentioned earlier.

Does anybody know what’s going on and how i can get these last 6 folders to appear on the WD TV Live Hub? Thanks!!

Sounds like you’re connecting to it via Media Server, and the EZ isn’t configured to serve the folders that have your media.

If you’re trying to connect via Network Shares, it could be that those folders aren’t configured with the permissions you are using for the userid on the WDTV.

Hi, did you connect iomega and wdtv via wireless?
I was looking for someone with this setup. Do you eventually have success with this, especially on playing/streaming hd movies via wireless?
What is your router?