Cant find MBL on my laptop

Hi All, 

sorry if this has been asked before, i have had a quick look throught the the recents questions but cant find anything similar.

Today, i was using my MBL over my home wifi, when it suddenly came up with a message saying it has lost connection.

I now can not regain a connection, from my home wifi or any other connection.

HOWEVER on my iphone, using the WD2go app i can access all the data as normal. 

i have turned my computer on and off many times and still now connection.

ANY help would be great.




Have you tried resetting the drive?

Or have you tried mapping the drive to see if windows can see the drive again?

Try turning your router off, then back on. Perhaps it is glitching.

Have you tried connecting your laptop to the router with a network cable? This would show if the WiFi of the router is the issue.